The Best Bullet Blenders Juicer for Smoothies

Best Bullet Blenders Juicer for Smoothies

With so many options available, it is often difficult to find the best bullet juicer for your needs. After all, we don’t have time to compare each available product, do we? To make it easier for our readers, we have tested several dozen top options in the last few weeks, mostly bullet juicers and Nutribullet juicers to compile the list of six best bullet blenders.

The listed products are almost all Nutribullet or bullet juicers. The reason? Well, smoothies are all about nutrition, isn’t it? The bullet juicer doesn’t leave out the pulp or fiber, unlike traditional juicers. Instead, it pulverizes the entire fruit and vegetable, offering you the maximum nutrition ingredients offer.

Bullet blenders are also mostly designed for a single serving, and come in the shape of a bullet, hence the name.

The listed products are tested for:

  • Safety: Is it safe to use? Does it slip?
  • Ease of use: How easy it is to use, any smart options, bluetooth connectivity, single-button operation?
  • Portability: Is it heavy or lightweight? A compact design, easy to carry?
  • The value offered for your money: Are you getting the best value for your money?
  • Performance in terms of power: What is the power of motor in terms of watts?
  • Accessories included: Most come with a complete set.
  • Other smart and unique features.

Based on the above-mentioned criteria, these are rated best among the dozens of other options.

Read ahead to find more details about each product and what makes them unique

1.Best Value for Money -Nutribullet 600

Ranked the best on our list, the Nutribullet 600 is a powerful high-speed blender that can make a perfect smoothie for you. It meets all our testing criteria that include affordability, portability, safety, ease of use, and feature-rich design.

With its 600 watts powerful motor, high-torque power base, and sharp patented stainless steel blades, it can pulverize even the hardest of ingredients with ease. The Nutribullet 600, or NutriBullet NBR-1201 model is an example of why NutriBullet is one of the most popular bullet blender brands in North America.

It is also a long-lasting product, made of BPA-free high-quality plastic offering a sturdy design. As it weighs only three and a half pounds, it is also easy to move around. The product set comes with 12 pieces, that include everything essential to prepare and serve smoothies.

With blades offering cyclonic action, it offers fast prep time and can shred, blend, chop, and grind a wide range of ingredients.


  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • Offers a capacity of three cups
  • Dishwasher safe, so cleaning is easy
  • Compact design
  • Includes a recipe book


  • You only have one speed option

Bottom Line:

For those who want a compact, lightweight blender with enough power to cut through most common ingredients without being heavy on pocket, this one makes an excellent option. It is also an energy efficient option.

2. Top Pick for Moderate Power – Nutribullet 900

The second on our list is another product from Nutribullet, but this one is for those looking for more power and aims towards hardest ingredients for their smoothies. This one comes in a set of 13 pieces and with a powerful 900-watt motor.

Made of high-quality BPA-free plastic along with high-torque power base, the Nutribullet 900, also known as Nutribullet Pro, is a sturdy and long-lasting product. It also uses patented stainless steel blades with cyclonic action that can cut through any vegetable or fruit with ease.

The 13-piece set also includes two colossal cups along with two flip-flop lids. You can also drink your smoothie or shake in the same container using the lids. The bullet blender is also easy to clean and maintain as it is dishwasher safe, while blades can be washed with any soap as well.


 Nutribullet also offers a one-year warranty for this one

  • The large container offers a capacity of 32 oz or up to seven servings
  • A perfect fit for those who want to have their smoothie on the go


 Slightly heavy as it weighs 10.75 lbs

Bottom Line:

For those who are looking for a slightly powerful blender, the Nutribullet 900 makes a good option with its 900 watt motor and slightly larger capacity.

3. Most Powerful Option – Nutribullet RX

The Nutribullet RX, or N17-1001 blender, is the most powerful blender from Nutribullet that comes with a 1700-watt motor. The power is not the only feature that makes it unique, but it also uses smart technology offering you hands-free experience with an auto on-off feature. It features a heating cycle option to help you make sauces and soups.

The Nutibullet juicer is designed to extract the highest nutrition with its sharp blades and powerful motor. With a capacity of 45 oz, it allows you to prepare up to 12 servings per smoothie.

This is a 10-piece set that comes with two cups, each with different capacity, as well as a re-sealable lid and one pitcher lid.


  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean blades
  • Meets all North American electrical standards
  • Allows you to make smoothies as well as soups
  • Cuts through even the hardest ingredients with ease
  • One-year warranty


  • Heavy (14.74 lbs) and expensive

Bottom Line:

If you are someone who wants to pay extra bucks for power and quality, this makes the most powerful bullet juicer out there.

4. Best Smart Option – Nutribullet Balance

The Nutribullet Balance is the smartest bullet juicer from Nutribullet that is also about power. It comes with a 1200-watt motor, but its smart features make it unique. With its Bluetooth connectivity option, you can connect it with the Nutribullet Balance app. The built-in smart nutrition sensor with the help of app allows you to keep track of all the nutrition you get from smoothies.


  • One-year warranty
  • A set of nine that comes with two colossal cups and two lids
  • Offers a capacity of 32 oz


  • Not an affordable option for the size

5. Best for Multitasking – Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet MBR-1701 blender comes in a set of 17-piece that allows you to complete a variety of tasks with this one. It will enable you to blend, whip, chop, and do more tasks using its high-speed mixing system.

This extremely quick bullet juicer allows you to prepare a smoothie within ten seconds with its 250-watt motor. You can have multiple stainless steel blades (flat and cross blades) in this set, several cups and lids, and four party mugs.


  • A lightweight and portable option
  • A multi-purpose blender that works as a coffee grinder, blender, and food processor
  • Dishwasher safe


  • The motor is not powerful enough like some other options on our list

Bottom Line:

Want to use your bullet blender for other tasks as well other than making smoothies? Here comes a perfect option – Magic bullet.

6.Top Option for a Small Kitchen – Vitamix S30

The last one on our list is from a different brand – Vitamix. However, Vitamix is a US-based brand while the Nutribullet blenders are made in China. Vitamix is also almost a century old well-recognized brand for their high-quality blenders.

The Vitamix S30 comes in two colors, black, and Apple Red. It features a 120V motor and weighs only five pounds, that makes it portable. Unlike the other bullet juicers in our list, this one comes has variable speed control and pulse feature.The set comes with two containers, travel-ready cup, and several other accessories.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable Easy-to-use Variable Speed Control and Pulse feature
  • Comes with five-year of warranty


  • Not as powerful, but more expensive than Nutribullet juicers

Bottom Line:

For those who are looking for a reliable, good quality personal blender made in the US with variable speed control and pulse feature, the Vitamix S30 makes an excellent option.

Final Words

Even though all six are great options, they offer different features that make each of them unique. If you are looking for a smart option, Nutribullet Balance is the best option with its app connectivity and smart sensors that can track the nutrition value of each smoothie precisely.

For those looking for the most powerful option, Nutribullet RX with 1700-watt motor is the ultimate option.

However, for those who are looking for the best value for their money, as well as a lightweight and portable option, we recommend Nutribullet 600.

For those looking for a bullet juicer with variable speed, we recommend Vitamix S50.

The Nutribullet Balance is the smartest bullet juicer from Nutribullet that is also about power. It comes with a 1200-watt motor, but its smart features make it unique. With its Bluetooth connectivity option, you can connect it with the Nutribullet Balance app. The built-in smart nutrition sensor with the help of app allows you to keep track of all the nutrition you get from smoothies.

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