The Nutribullet Balance Juicer: is the Nutribullet Balance worth it?

Nutribullet is the world’s original “Nutrition Extractor”. Nutribullet juicers not only blend or juice, but help you receive the highest degree of nutrition from your food in an easily digestible liquid form. No wonder the Nutribullet has become one of the most favourite kitchen appliances for health conscious people who are serious about improving their health.

The Nutribullet brand has made a great leap in technology with the Nutribullet Balance.

What’s so special about the Nutribullet Balance?

The Nutribullet Balance is the next generation of the world’s first integrated nutrition extraction system. It features a built-in scale and a unique Bluetooth SMART technology which pairs with your smart device displaying nutritional content as you build your smoothies in your bullet juicer. The company calls it “The Blender that thinks for you”; that’s really smart and revolutionary!

Balance gives you the exact information on what goes into every smoothie you make by sending the nutritional data to your smart device. It is perfect for those with special health needs and diets, as you will know exactly what is in the smoothie.

How does the Nutribullet Balance deliver?

Here’s what we found…

Nutribullet Balance App

This is how the Nutribullet Balance App works:

To start using the Balance App, you will need to download the App on your phone or tablet (it is compatible with both iOS and Anroid) and connect to the Nutribullet Balance juicer via Bluetooth.

This App comes with hundreds of easy to follow recipes created specially by dietitians to maximise taste and health benefits. You can customise the recipes to your own health needs and view ingredients and the nutritional facts on the App.

It also comes with a Pantry” tab which shows the ingredients you have in your pantry and finds the recipes you can make with what you have. There is a also a “Shopping List” tab which lists the ingredients you need to replenish.

There is also a “Virtual Receptionist” which helps you to customise the recipes based on your goals, eating style, wellness goals and even takes into account your dietary restrictions.

The Recipe Builder helps you build your perfect Smoothie; prompting you to add the correct amount of ingredient. The Smart Nutrition Sensor provides real-time nutritional data as you add the ingredients. The dashboard stores all the nutritional information for the day and the last week to track your health goals.

How does Nutribullet Balance Work

After you have chosen your recipe, the photo, nutritional information, ingredients and amounts will appear on the App. Place the cup on the base and start adding the ingredients following the instructions on the App. The built-in scale in the base will measure your ingredients as you add them and send the data to your App. The App is so intelligent, it will let you know when to add the next ingredient in the list. Once you have added all the ingredients, the app will make a ding sound.

Screw the lid on, turn it over and screw into the base. You will see the count down from 45 seconds to 0 and the bullet will stop automatically when it reaches 0.

This bullet juicer is so smart, you can even measure the nutritional value of a portion of the smoothie you have blended. All you need to do is to place the empty colossal cup or any kitchen cup into the base and pour the smoothie into the cup and the app will count the calories as you pour in the liquid. Once you have done so, you can send it to the dashboard counter which will help you track what you have made for the day up to the last seven days.

Watch the Balance in action here:

Who created the Nutribullet Recipes?

The recipes were designed by an expert team comprising dietitians, doctors who specialise in nutrition and flavor profilers. Every single recipe was created with 3 goals:

  1. Promote wellness goad with exact efficacy
  2. Make the perfect smoothie every time
  3. Great tasting

The App also allows users to create their own recipes. To create your own recipe:

  • Open the app and set the cup onto the base
  • Type your ingredients and amounts in the App
  • As you add your ingredients, the App will tell you when to stop once you have added the right amount
  • Once you have finished, press blend. You can choose standard, super, crush or crush blend function.
  • Go back to the recipe and save the recipe with your chosen name; with a description and in the relevant category

Nutribullet Balance not connecting?

To make sure it works, check in the settings tab of your devise if the Bluetooth is on and connected to your Balance and make sure the base is plugged in properly.

The Good

  • Powerful 1200 watts motor gives you a lump free smoothie every time
  • The APP that tracks nutritional data including calories for you
  • Helps you set and track your nutritional goal
  • Virtual Nutritionist will help you achieve your wellness goal faster

The Bad

  • Cups are made of plastic, but they are BPA free
  • The colossal cups may be too big for individual serves
  • Older people may find the App challenging to use, though it is user friendly

What Customers Say

Our research on customer reviews concluded that most customers were overall very pleased with the Balance and happy with their purchase.

Some customers commented that they didn’t realise how much sugar and calories they were consuming before they started using the Nutribullet Balance. The app helped them to easily measure what went into their bodies.

Other customers talked about how simple and easy it is use and how they loved being able to track the nutrition and calories with the App.

Many customers call this a “game changer” and highly recommend the Balance.

Some people said the Nutribullet Balance helped them to sneak in extra fruit and veggies into their kid’s diet.

Nutribullet balance unboxing and set up

When you open the box, you will find:

  • 1200 watt power base with smart nutrition sensor
  • 2 colossal cups,
  • 1 Extractor blade
  • 2 flip-top to-go lids
  • 2 lip rings, and
  • 1 user guide & manual

The Balance is very easy to set up. After you remove the items from the box, you simply need to wash the cup with warm soapy water, download the app on your smart devise via Bluetooth, plug in the base. You are ready to make your first smoothie within one minute!


Should you rush off to buy the Balance?

Overall, we think the Balance is great value for those who want to track their calories, carbs and fat intake easily and like the idea of having a Virtual Nutritionist.

If you simply want a good bullet juicer that blends you good smoothies, the other Nutribullets can work just as well at a lower price. You could save yourself some bucks by taking a closer look at the Nutribullet 600 watts or 900 watts.

Overall, this SMART bullet juicer will help you enjoy the right serves of fruits and vegetables and track your wellness goals more efficiently.

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