Magic Bullet MBR-1701 17-Piece Express Mixing Set Review

Nutribullet, a well-known China-based brand, offers enough bullet blender models to meet users’ unique needs. One of their most useful and multi-purpose models is the Magic Bullet MBR-1701.

Even though not as powerful as some other models like Nutribullet RX, or Nutribullet 900, this model is still a popular choice due to its ease of use and multi-functionality. This one also comes with more accessories in this 17-piece set than any other Nutribullet model and can match the quality of big brands.

However, to learn more about what makes it such a popular option, and what makes it the right choice for your needs, check out our detailed, in-depth review.

The Specs:

The Magic Bullet MBR-1701 comes with enough exciting features to make it an appealing choice for people who want to achieve more in their kitchen.

  • One-year warranty
  • 250 watts
  • Weighs only 2.3 lbs
  • UL listed
  • Single Speed
  • See-through construction
  • Made in China


When compared to some other blenders, the Magic bullet clearly lacks power. However, it is designed with a different purpose, to help busy individuals do a variety of tasks using only one machine.

With its sharp blades and a 250-watt motor, you can get the results done in just ten seconds. Even though the motor is not as powerful as the 1700-watt motor of Nutribullet RX or 900-watt motor of Nutribullet 900, it can effectively chop or blend ingredients. It can easily grind coffee beans and liquefy common ingredients used in smoothies.


Yes, you can. You can chop the vegetables like onions with ease. As it also acts as a food processor, you can also use it to mince garlic and to make chicken salad, soup, spaghetti sauce, and grated cheese in just a few seconds.

Simply put, when in action, it can blend, whip, chop, mix, and grind a wide range of mostly soft ingredients.


 Magic bullet is a versatile food processor that acts as a blender, grinder, and mixer. Due to its small size, you can’t really call it a juicer as you may have to use it multiple times to get a full glass of juice.

Second, it does not filter out the pulp and insoluble fiber from ingredients like traditional juicers that makes it a blender. It just blends all ingredients you put inside the container.


 When it may be surprising for some of the readers, but it is true. Magic bullet can actually grind coffee beans and nuts, and that too just like an actual coffee grinder. For this purpose, you can use the flat blade. Just put the beans and nuts, turn the magic bullet on for 10 seconds, shake the container, and use it again for ten more settings. You can repeat the process based on how fine you want your coffee beans.


The 17-piece pack offers you everything you may want with a lender.

  • Two microwave-safe cups, one tall and one short
  • 1 high-torque power base
  • 1 stainless-steel flat Blade and 1 stainless-steel cross blade
  • 2 stay-fresh re-sealable lids
  • 2 Shaker-Steamer Tops
  • 4 Party Mugs with 4 colored rings for identification of different drinks
  • 1 recipe book

 You get all the above mentioned 17 pieces in the box.

Magic bullet is also very easy to assemble. You just need to plug the power base in the nearest electric socket, install the type of blade you want to use, and put the ingredients into the container (small or large). Just make sure to not to run the machine for more than 60 seconds as it can damage the motor.

The Good:

If we compare the most popular blender brands, Nutribullet, Vitamix, and Blendtec make the three top options. However, Nutribullet is the most affordable, yet it matches the quality offered by the American brands. Same is the case with Magic Bullet MBR-1701.

As it is affordable and comes with everything you need with a juicer, it offers you amazing value for your money. With a one-year manufacturer warranty, it becomes an even safer investment.

In addition, Magic Bullet MBR-1701 can do a lot more than many other models. For this purpose, it comes with two different (flat and cross) stainless blades that allow you to achieve different blending tasks. The pulse-action feature enables you to mix the ingredients even better.

When you can use the flat blade for milling, whipping, and grinding, you can use cross blade more effectively for grating, blending, and chopping. It uses a small motor of 250-watts that powers a high-speed mixing system, enough to cut through commonly used ingredients.

The use of small motor also means it is insoluble fiber that makes it a good option for those who use blenders a lot. In addition, it makes it lightweight and compact, so it consumes only a small space on your kitchen counter.

 The power base is made of stainless steel, that makes it sturdy and long-lasting. The cups and mugs are all microwave-safe and can be frozen, that makes them multi-purpose. As it has a small motor and small size, the noise is not as much as other Nutribullet blenders.

The Bad:

Well, you may start noticing the bad if you try to test it with ingredients that are not soft. There is no doubt it is an amazing blender for soft ingredients, but as the ingredients get tougher, you will notice why some people opt for more powerful motors like Nutribullet 600, 900, and RX.

After all, you can’t really expect a 250-watt motor to offer you the same results as of 1700-watts Nutribullet RX. So, it all comes to your personal needs. If you are buying it for tasks like coffee grinding, or chopping onion or garlic, it is good enough. However, anything stronger and you might not get the result you wish for.

One issue is you get six containers, but only two storage lids. This makes it challenging for you to keep the other four containers safe if filled.

The Ugly:

The size. Well, when it may be a good option for small kitchens, as it can be placed inside a small cabinet, it is extremely small if you want to prepare something for more than one person. Even the tall cup isn’t really something that you can call tall or big.

The size is so compact, that you have to chop the vegetables manually to place them into the container for further chopping. This means you have to do some manual work on your own. The smaller size means you get only a small quantity of whatever you prepare with this bullet blender. So definitely not for a big family.

It is apparent that the target market for this product is individuals who want to save time and prepare smoothies or shakes for only one person.

What Customers Say

This bullet machine has thousands of reviews on Amazon.

Some customers love this blender for its compact size which takes up only a small space on their counter top. They also said that the magic bullet blender made their lives easier, healthier and makes “killer” shakes.

There were quite a lot of complaints that this bullet juicer does not crush ice properly and smoothies end with chunks and pieces of ice.

Others complained that the chopping function does not work well.


Overall, it is an excellent option for those who want a compact and small option, and want to use the blender mostly with soft ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. The motor is also small, that makes it lightweight and compact.

However, this blender is not designed to do heavy jobs. It is also not for large families and serves mostly individuals who want to prepare smoothies or shakes for single serving only.

Overall, it does perfectly what it is designed for. When buying, you must know that it has a 250-watt motor, so you can’t expect the same results as Nutribullet RX.

If you are looking for a budget personal blender that does quick small jobs, and are just starting out with making smoothies, this one serves you perfectly.

However, if you are looking for a more powerful blender and are willing to spend more, then we recommend that you consider Nutribullet 900 or Nutriubullet RX.

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